Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Junior - Super Show 3 Singapore

Have you ever heard of Super Junior?? Well, it's a boyband from Korea which is very popular in Asia.. And last Saturday, they held their concert in Singapore and I got a chance to see them.. Haha..

Hmm.. I'm not a fanatic fan girl, but I do like to listen to their songs, so it's a nice and exciting concert experience for me last Saturday.. :D I'll show you some pictures that I managed to take in the concert *must be very careful because of the security*. I got some NICI keychains with me, so I took their pics with the stage before the concert started. ;)

The centerstage

When the concert has started, all my pics went blur *because I forgot to bring my camera, so I used my iPhone :(* but I did record my fav song, No Other.. Hope you like it..

And finally, some goodies from the concert. There were fan clubs who made banner to support Super Junior and the members and they gave these banners for free. :D Oh, and I also got a lightstick and a headband to enhance the concert experience..

One little fanboy :D *this is how I look in the concert*

With lights on, the attires are not so bright anymore

The freebies :p

My ticket :D

Watch this concert with my sister, we screamed till our voice became so hoarse in the end >.< but anyway, it's a very fun experience since we came 3 hours before the concert, queued for merchandise for 1 hour under the rain and queued again to get in to the concert place. :D unforgettable.. hahaha..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mini Edward Journey

Yesterday, Mini Edward began a quest of finding his lost friend. Who's this lost friend?? We'll see later.. ;)

First, Mini Edward rode a bus to reach his friend's whereabout.

Looking out the window to see if his friend is outside

Mini Edward stucked in between the chair :D

Before reaching his friend's place, Mini Edward felt hungry. So, he stopped by a nice cafe called 'Canele' and had a sumptuous lunch.

Corn & Crab Chowder, Braised Beef Stew with Wine and Pasta

After he was full, Mini Edward continued his journey. Will he ever find his lost friend?? 

Yayy.. He found his friend. Turns out his friend is a Sing-A-Majigs doll. It's a very funny doll, he can make some noises and can sing different notes. :D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Old Memories

Today I dug through my old photos in my laptop and I realized whenever I travelled there will be at least 1 NICI plush travelling with me :D *read: the monkey* 

So I just want to share the photos here, though some of them might not be really clear of the location. :D

2007: at home in Indo, just before I stupidly put her into washing machine :(

2007: I use my monkey as my party decoration, this is for phototaking

2009: in UCLA, USA with my friend's Mickey

2009: Switzerland, in the tour bus

2009: Switzerland, with my sister's panda
2010: Bali

2010: Bali, inside the bus

2010: Bali, during the world cup craze

2010: Bali, in St. Regis lobby, attacked by the evil panda

2010: Bali, in St. Regis on the way to the villa

Actually I've travelled to many other places, but sadly I always forgot to take pictures with my NICI *read: my monkey* so these photos are all that I have found :)

Hope you enjoy the rest of the week. It's almost weekend *again* Yayyy... :D

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Major Disaster

Hmm.. How should I start this post?? :(

Well.. Yesterday night, I was cleaning my room. When I was trying to move my NICI storage, the whole thing fell down. The result was.. DISASTER!! My container broke here and there and my NICI plushes scattered all around the room. :(

For those of you who don't know how my old storage look, you can refer to this post. :)

Okay.. Back to the disaster. I was very shocked last night and confused as well because I didn't know how to put back all of my plushes. Luckily, my boyfriend came and bought a new container. So, now my storage looks like this.

It's shorter now and I guess it's more stable. Hopefully no such thing will happen again in the future. :D

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cooking Time

Every Saturday, my boyfriend and I spent some time to cook our own meal. Be it from recipe or just randomly put in things :D And our NICI friends are always accompanying us when we are cooking, though most of the time they just watch and eat. =_="

empal with steak sauce, fried egg with cheese and herb 

Battered beef and chicken with french fries in special dip

Tunisian style egg and beef soup

All of them are totally home made.. :D And the results turn out to be pretty good for beginner chef.. ;p

Happy weekend!! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 is Year of Rabbit!!

Those who celebrate Chinese New Year must have noticed that this year is the year of rabbit.. :D

And perhaps NICI also noticed that, since there will bunch of rabbits coming.. ;p

Continuing the forest friends series, Ralf Rabbit will come into NICI stores around spring time.

Courtesy to

And not to forget, easter is also coming up.. So here we are, a cute easter rabbit and his friend, little Puschel. So sweet.. :)

Courtesy to

So, calling to all rabbit lovers.. This year is your lucky year.. :D And also for NICI lovers, they are just too cute to resist. ;)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Rockers are 'Rocking' the Chicken.. :p

Last Sunday, the three little rockers joined me for my sunday date. :D

We went to the church and then straight to Vivocity, for lunch and movie.. :) We had our lunch in Barcelos, a nice chicken restaurant *from Mexico I guess* Perhaps you know Nando's, it's similar to this. :D And I love the taste. ;)

They looked very happy but they are hungry.. :( The chicken took quite a long time to grill. :D And btw, we can choose the spiciness of our chicken. There are 4 sauces, Tangy Lemon, Mild Peri, Very Peri and Supa Peri (from the mildest to the most spicy). Each of the little rockers have their own preferences.

Rocker skunk likes Mild Peri

Rocker Hugo likes Supa Peri

Rocker Zebra likes Tangy Lemon
Nobody wants Very Peri sauce

They also had fun drinking Snapple.. Look at Zebra. He's so full until he couldn't move..

No wonder.. Everybody ate a lot.. Look at the empty plate :D

After the meal, we watched a movie 'Hello Stranger'. It's a Thai movie, watched it because my friend recommended it. Turned out it's not that great for me.. Haha.. :D

Friday, January 7, 2011

Gorilla Brothers

Today is Gorilla day.. :D

Milo the Gorilla is in action together with this brothers. He has just graduated from the university and he wants to take picture with his little brother. So, he asks his twin brother to take a picture of them.

Milo also wants to show his placate of honor :D

Luckily, there's a kind passer-by who offers to take picture of the brothers..

Nice picture, right.. :D And btw, if you are wondering what the other brother does, well, he's a baseball athlete *can't you judge from his clothes?? ;)*. And he loves to pose for the camera as well..

That's our Gorilla brothers' day.. :)

ps. To Hugo Wolf: Hope this post convincing you to take home the gorilla. :D they are so adorable *look at their eyes.. who can resist them?? * ;)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My X'mas and New Year Present :D

As promised in the previous post, I will upload some photos from HK.. Well, unfortunately, because I was too excited when I saw NICI shop, I didn't take the photo of it. But, I have something else to show you all. :D

Before I went back to Indonesia for my holiday, I ordered some NICIs from CuddlyKingdom UK because they have 15% discount at that time. However, it arrived a few days after my departure, so I only got to see it yesterday.. And these are what I got from CuddlyKingdom, quite worth the money ;)

NICI Dogs beauties

Monkey eraser *been eyeing for this quite long time*

Then, in Jakarta, I also found another NICI goodies which were not available in SG and it was discounted *Yippiee.. *

Forest Friend Card Background

Forest Friend Card Box

And finally, the star for today... NICI from HK.. I managed to find a lot of things in the shop. And there is also an outlet in Citygate (all things are on sale there). Generally, the price is cheaper in HK than in SG, but compare to Jakarta perhaps it's almost the same. Nevertheless, I proudly present my new collections..

Don't forget the Disney friends from Disneyland

Owh.. One more thing.. Since I bought a lot of things *more than HKD 500*, I was qualified as NICI member. So, everytime I buy something from NICI HK shop, I'll get 10% discount.. :D

And there's also a stamp card.. For every HKD150 purchase, I get one stamp and after 10 stamps, I'll get a voucher worth HKD100. Sadly, the stamp card will be taken after the redemption so what I have now is my second incomplete stamp card *the first one was taken by the shopkeeper*

So sorry I forgot to take pictures of my NICIs in Hong Kong :( but I hope you enjoy this post :D

ps. Next post will be on Milo the Gorilla *as requested by Hugo Wolf* :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome 2011!!

Hello everybody.. :D First of all... Merry X'mas 2010 and Happy New Year 2011!!!

Really feel sorry for not updating my blog for almost 3 weeks. >.< I went back to Indonesia and hardly able to get a nice internet connection.. :(

Okay.. So here we are now in the new year of 2011.. Hope everybody has a nice resolution list and of course new NICI character lists in line.. :p

Today I will post some photos of my Christmas celebration with my big family in Jember, a small town in East Java, Indonesia. Well, most of my mother's relatives live here so we held a reunion at the same time.

Me and my monkey.. Wearing the same 'batik' clothes

Lazy boy

Skating pose.. :p
Merry X'mas with love from the monkeys :D

More photos are coming soon.. I went to Hong Kong with my family to celebrate New Year and visit another relatives. :) I found a nice NICI shop there.. See you in the next post. :D
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