Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A 'Jolly' Introduction Part 2

Yup, this is the final series for the Jolly Mah's introduction.. ^^ Last time, we met the classic Jolly Mahs in Part 1..

And today, let me bring you the another world of Jolly Mahs.. Hope you enjoy..

I guess that's all for the sheeps that come under 'Jolly Mah' name tag.. ^^ but I still have more.. These remaining series are still Jolly Mahs, it's just they are 'special' Jolly Mahs. ;) Guess who?!

This time it's really all.. When the next Jolly Mah comes, I promise to make him/her an introductory page like this too.. :D

So, do I miss any Jolly(ies)?? Except the two other Rainbow Jolly (which I don't manage to get until now), I guess that's really all the Jolly Mahs until now. :)

Have a 'jolly' week ahead!! And.. It's almost June already.. See you in the summer posts.. ^^

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A 'Jolly' Introduction Part 1

Jolly Mah is probably, if not definitely, the most famous series from NICI.. Consisted of a flock of sheeps and perhaps some 'unlike' sheeps.. :)

So this time I decide to introduce the 'Classic' Jolly Mahs of all time.. Hope you enjoy.. ^^ (especially the Jolly Mah lovers)

First, the sheeps...

And finally.. You can expect these two to join the flock of sheeps.. ;)


I don't think I need to explain about each of them, you should have already known them by hearts now. :D The pictures are inspired by the famous Jolly Mah cartoon picture, which has description for each of them. :)

Feel the Jolly Mahs are not complete?? Don't worry.. Stay tuned for Part 2. ^^
Have a nice weekend.. :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Package!! New Toy!!

Today the whole NICI flocks are so exciting.. A new package is just delivered and everybody is  gathering to see what it is..

"Hmm.. Is this another friend of ours?"

Everybody is so curious, they want to open the package immediately..

"Let's start to open it! I have a cutter here."

When the box is finally opened, everybody tries to be the first to see. As a result, nobody can touch it nor see it. =_=

"I want to see it first!"
"No, let me!!"
"Nooo.. I'm the first!"

After much struggle, Fu Bao manages to open her way.. *she's the strongest among all*

"Wow, an iPad!!" 

Fu Bao is such a sweetheart, she gives the chance to her friends to open the remaining packagings.

"Let me see! I should pull these two cardboxes!"

"Yup, that's right! Here we go!
A brand new iPad 2!"
*sounds of clapping from everyone*

But wait, the boys have something also.. It is the package that came earlier.. Wonder what it is..

"Let's open this!"

"Tadaaa!! It's the cover for the iPad!
Mummy loves green.."

And so here we have an iPad and its cover, let's try to see what it will look like if we put them together. ^^

"Haha.. The brand new iPad!
I love to pose with this."

"Don't forget the adaptor!
The iPad won't turn on without this. :D"

"*drumroll* I present to you...
iPad 2 with the green cover!!"

Surely the excitement will last for quite some time. I will look for the accessories for this iPad tomorrow. :D
One more thing, when you order the iPad from Apple Online Store, you can get free engraving at the back of your iPad. I got one too.. ^^

So, what do you think about the iPad?? Hopefully this new gadget won't disappoint me.. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Day in the Meerkat's Family

On a one fine day, the Meerkat family starts their daily routines. But today, there is something special happening.. It is Little Meerkat's first day of work. So everybody is getting ready and sending Little Meerkat off to work.

However, Daddy Meerkat is still worried, he asks Meerkat Jr...

Daddy M: "Hey, what do you think your
little brother is doing now?"

Meerkat Jr.: "Hmm.. I guess he's doing some research
in the computer now.."

Both of them are waiting anxiously for Little Meerkat to come home. They want to know what happens in his first day of work. And finally, the long-awaited Little Meerkat is coming home...

Little Meerkat: "I'm home.."
Daddy M: "Hi.. How is your day?
Is everything alright?"
Little Meerkat: "Not bad. I'm just doing my work.
Turns out research work is harder than it seems."
Meerkat Jr.: "But I guess you're enjoying your work, right?"
Little Meerkat: "Yup, totally.. ^^"
Daddy M: "So tell us what you do in the office today.."

Little Meerkat: "So I start my day with introduction
to my colleagues. And I also got a table for myself
equipped with a desktop.

 Then I start doing the research work.
I'm doing some researches on the computer,
hoping to find something interesting.

 Finally, after finding what I need,
I'll start scribble on paper and doing the
calculations. That's basically what I do all day."

And that's how the day ends in the Meerkat family.

Greetings from the Meerkats ^^

 So, how is your day today? Hope everything goes well.. :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The NICI Horse Club

What do you think when you hear the word 'Horse'? Is it horse-racing? Or a ranch? Or maybe something else? :) Whatever it is, for the equestrian lovers, NICI surely do a great job this time.

Since its launch in 2010, NICI Horse club series has gathered many fans, especially in Europe *I suppose*. That's why NICI comes back with the new series of Horse Club in early 2011.

So, I want to introduce you to my horses troop...

First, let me introduce you to the babies..
The 15cm dangling horses from the first
NICI Horse Club series..
I call them Sylphid Jr. and Max Jr.
*tell you more about these names later*

The first series only features the dangling version,
no lying no standing version..
Well, these guys here want to say 'Hi!' to you..
Flying far from UK Cuddly Kingdom, they finally
made their way to Singapore.. *Yayy...*

Okay.. What do we have next? Following the cute little babies, there come the mighty horses. They might remind you of the race horses.. Yup, these are the 2nd edition of the NICI Horse Club..

Hoof.. Hoof...
They look so great and mighty.. ;)

The standing version looks better..
It resembles the real horse more :D
I call the white guy Sylphid and the brown guy Max..

Next, come the tag..
When I see the tag, it reminds me of the winning ribbon
you get in the horse-racing or any other competitions..
Nice designs.. :D

As promised above, I'll tell you a bit about the story behind their names. When I was younger, I used to read Mangas *comic books from Japan*. And there is this one great book about horse-racing, called 'Syphid'. Basically, it is the story about a white horse named Sylphid trying to win the important races in Japan despite his weaknesses. And Max is Sylphid's greatest rival. It's a good story and also touching.. :) That's why the first time I saw these two horses, they immediately remind me of Max and Sylphid.. Haha..

Okay, let's move on.. The horses are ready to run..

On your mark..
Get set...

And there they run as fast as the wind.. ;)

Have a nice week ahead!! :) Btw, do check my previous post on White Collection. Due to blogger errors, it was removed temporarily and was restored only last night. So just in case you haven't seen it, do check it out. ;)

Precious White Collections

For NICI lovers in Europe, the 'white' collections should have already been known. But for NICI lovers in Asia or other part outside Europe, these collections might be new.

I found my first white collection in eBay. The seller said it was a limited edition series by NICI, given as a premium to the buyer in Germany. Out of my curiosity, I started to bid and won my first two white collections, the fox and the croco.

From that time, I began my research on these white collections. This time, Professor Google disappoints me.. Nothing really comes out when I input 'NICI White Collection' in the search bar. Thus, I tried to look into Germany websites and blogs. I reached the conclusion that these White Collections are actually made by NICI as a limited edition gift for the buyer, either by collecting stamps or purchasing NICI stuffs for certain amount.

Now if you visit NICI official online shop, you will see there is a program called 'Sammelprogramm' or 'Summer Program'. Every 2 Euro you spend, you will get 1 stamp. And after 100 stamps, you can redeem one premium gift, which I suppose is this white collection. Unfortunately, international buyer won't get this premium although you've spent more than 200 Euros (equal to 100 stamps), the program only works within Germany. :(

Alternatively, there is also an official NICI dealer in Germany called NICI-Markt. Here, you can get the premium in the same way. And that's how I get one of my white collection..

Okay.. so finally after my long and boring explanation, here are the white collections..

 First, we have the Farm Friends
The cow and the pig.. Both come from eBay.. 
There should be a horse too, but we don't manage to get it :(

Their tags look a bit different, but I believe both are limited edition ;)

There's also another group coming on...

The Wild Friends group.. *my fave*
My first croco, Milo gorilla, and Fu Bao Panda
Croco comes from eBay, Milo comes from Jakarta
and Fu Bao comes from NICI Markt *yup, I manage to get one premium*

All the three tags look different..
The croco's tag I assume is the first white collection by NICI
Milo's tag is made to celebrate NICI's 25th anniversary *aka this year 2011*
And Fu Bao's tag.. Not sure, it's just another tag ;p

And here is the last batch of the collection...

 Forest Friends
Rob Raccoon, Hetch Hogan and Frederic Fox
All of them come from Jakarta, part of 25th anniversary series

But wait.. There's someone coming there..
Looks familiar?? 

 Yup, it's another Frederic Fox..
but this one is my first fox I got from eBay..

I assume the first fox is for the premium gift
and the second one is for the 25th anniversary series
but both foxes look exactly the same =_= 

This is how the tags look..
My other white collections have the same tag
as the left tag ;)

So, what do you think about the white collection? Surely, they look 'unique' and adorable right? ;) I'm still thinking of getting something from NICI-Markt again to get another white collection (there are still calvin skunk, ralf rabbit and trevor left), but the overhead cost for shipping and everything is a bit... :( *you know what I mean* Hopefully, there's another way to get the remaining white collections. ;D

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Angry Birds or Angry Pigs?!

"Hi there!! This is your storyteller again, Ralfy!!
Still remember me?! ;)"

"Today, I bring my friend with me. His name is PiggyPao.
Now, let me tell you about his story..."

Once upon a time, in a farm outside the town, live three pigs. One day, two of them want to play together and they are looking for their other friend.

Piggy 1: "Today is a very good day to play outside."
Piggy 2: "Yes, I agree with you. Let's go find
our friend."

So, off they go around the farm to find their friend. And to their surprise, their friend is playing in the mud happily...

Piggy 3: "*Splash.. Splash..*"
Piggy 1 & Piggy 2: "=_= OMG!! What are you doing?!"

Just when they are about to talk, there is a swooshing sound coming from above...

Everybody: "What is that?"

A moment later, they realize that a bird is coming towards them. In the midst of confusion, the three pigs are scattering, looking for a place of safety...

Piggy 1: "Oh no!! Run for your life!!"
Piggy 2 & Piggy 3: "Aaaaa... RUNNNN!!"

But they are too late.. A loud crash is heard.. And all the three pigs are fainted...

So, what is actually happening?? Why does the bird suddenly attack the pigs?? Let's go back a few hours before...

Bird 1: "Hmm..The pigs have stolen our eggs..
We must take revenge on them.."
Bird 2: "Good idea.. Let's make a plan."
Bird 1: "Hmm.. I know.. Let's attack them..
I'll be the bullet and you help launching me.."
Bird 2: "Okay, let's do it!"

With the evil plan in mind, the two birds are going to the open field, where they already install a giant catapult...

Bird 2: "Okay, I'm ready to launch you..
Are you ready?"
Bird 1: "Yes, I'm ready.. Anytime.."

And... WOoOshhh.. The bird is launched.. Right towards the farm where the pigs are playing..

"Woooshhh..... Woooshh..
This is what you get after stealing our eggs..."

"The end.. I know you already understand what happens
after that.. And that's why Piggypao's family is
now fighting with the birds.. So, see you in the next story.."

This story is inspired by the game "Angry Birds", a famous game in iPhone or iPod or iPad. :) Hope you like the story and have a nice weekend.. :)
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