Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NICI Spotted!!

Have you ever walked past a bus stop, a train station or any other advertisement boards and spotted a NICI friend there? Well, for the first time, I found a NICI plush starring a milk advertisement. :D

NICI Moo Only! series spotted there..
He is becoming an ambassador for Magnolia brand

For some of you who are not familiar with Moo Only! series, they are actually consisted of two cute cows, made specially by NICI Asia for Chinese New Year 2009. I supposed this series is not launched in Europe so perhaps they are a bit unfamiliar. :) 

Moo Only! series - Moo Boy and Moo Girl

Moo Only tag

This series has been previously reviewed by a while ago. And hopefully this post can also help you to know more about this series. :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

For Christians all over the world, there is one week in which they reckon as the Holy Week. It is the week when Lord Jesus Christ died and resurrected. Besides the deep meaning that we celebrate during Easter, we often associate Easter with eggs, rabbit and ducks *or chicks maybe* :)

To celebrate Easter, NICI also launches special Easter collection. Here we present to you some of NICI Easter series from 2007 till 2011..

 Rabbit Egg Warmer from Easter '07 or '08??

 Rabbit Carroti from Easter 2010

 Don't forget this cute little chick!!
Also from Easter 2010!!

 Rabbit Puschel from Easter 2011

Little Ducky from Easter 2011

Finally, we would like to wish all of you
Be blessed and live a very happy life ahead :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What are Your Hobbies?

Every one of us has hobbies. Reading, playing piano, dancing, singing, and many more.. And not to forget, our NICI friends also have their own hobbies. :) Want to know more? Let's see..

Hi, my name is Trevor!!
I'm a very nice dino..
I'm the wisest among my friends :)

I'm a very curious little Dino..
Let's see what's under this rock!
Hmm.. Nothing much..
Let's look at another places!! :D

Hi, my name is Tyson!!
I'm a very active dino..
I may look mischievous but I'm very friendly.. :)

I love to run..
Run very fast like a wind..

Hi, my name is Diego!!
I'm a shy little Dino..
And I think I'm a bit clumsy, am I?

Hmm.. But what do I like?
I don't know..
Can anybody help me discovering my hobby? :)

So, what're your hobbies?? :) Feel free to share your hobbies and leave a comment here.. :)
Have a nice weekend!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

All About Little Wingels

Apologize first because of my lack of posts this month. My granny is having a knee surgery here so my family members come here. That's why I don't have time to make many posts this month. Hehe.. :D

Okay, enough for my excuses. ;) Let's get back to NICI World!!

When we think about angels and NICI, there is only one series coming into mind -> LITTLE WINGELS!!
That's why this post today is going to talk about the angels from Little Wingels and their friends.. Enjoy...


First, we got the twins, Lea and Leon. They are students from the Angels' School. :) Although they have different personalities, both of them get along very well. Lea is a very active angel, while Leon is a bit shy. And not to forget, Leon's best friend, a lion plush named Leonhart.

Besides the twins, there's Emily, their best friend. She is a smart angel and always reliable for every situations. :D Now, we will get to know about the other friends of them.. Let's meet them one by one!!

Abibu, Danna, Ning
Pedro - a South American angel. He is the smartest in the school and sometimes even smarter than the teacher.

Tolinka - a Native American angel. She has the best leadership skill among the others. She is also very active and athletic. ;)

Abibu - an African angel. He is the big clown among the angels. With a good sense of humor he is always successful in lighten the mood. :D

Danna - the youngest among the angels. She is very sweet and naive. She loves girly stuffs and is very friendly with others too. :)

Ning - an Asian angel. She is quite introverted and thus her friends can't really tell what she's thinking. She likes Leon a lot and often confides in him.

Now, there's no school without the teachers. So, let's meet the teachers now!!

Fridor von Greenspan

Nana, Prof. Zwickmich
Fridor von Greenspan - a water goblin and the youngest teacher in the school. He always needs to be inside the water to prevent dehydration. :)

Nana - an adult angel. She is the best flying instructor. With her caring figure, she is like a mother to all the young angels.

Prof. Zwickmich - a dwarf. He is a teacher for scientific subjects and also an inventor, though his inventions are mostly short-lived.

So, are you getting more familiar with the Little Wingels now? :) More information about them can be found in, the background inspiration also come from the sites. Check it out!!

See you in the next post and have a nice weekend!! :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Forest Friends' Playtime

"Hello there!! My name is Ralfy.
I'll be your story teller for today. :)" 

 "One day, in a peaceful forest...
Three forest friends are gathering together.
But none of them knows what to do."

Rob: "What should we do on this hot summer day?"
Frederic: "Hmm.."
Calvin: "I know!!"

 Calvin: "We can go near the river and fish there.
What do you think?"

 Rob & Frederic: "Not a good idea.. It's already very hot
and you want us to sit all day under the sun. No way!!"
Calvin: "Hmm.. Okay then. Any other idea?"

Frederic: "How about we go to the sea and swim?
It should be refreshing for a hot day."

 Rob: "Hmm.. Are you kidding me? Do you want me to drown?
Look at my tail!! It's very bushy and I can't swim either :("
Calvin: "Hmm.. Then I guess we must find another idea."

Rob: "I know!! Why don't we find Hogan and his new friend, Ralf?
Perhaps they know what to do in this hot summer day."

So, the three of them are walking in the forest trying to find Hogan and Ralf. They hear a laughter from afar. What could it be?

And guess what they see? Hogan and Ralf are playing 'train' happily. Marching down the hill like riding a sled. :D So, the three friends decide to talk to them.

Calvin: "Hi there! Mind if we join you?"
Hogan: "Hi!! Long time no see..
Well, we don't mind. But I don't think playing 'train'
will be fun for the 5 of us."
Ralf: "Yup, I agree with Hogan. we should find another game."

Hogan: "Let's play hide and seek together!
In this dense forest, we won't be worried about the heat."

And so, there they go. Playing hide and seek together... 

Ralf is counting.. 1.. 2... 3.. 
And he starts searching right after..

First to be found.. ROB!!
Oops.. You're too fat to hide there :p

Second.. Who's that hiding behind the tree??
CALVIN!! Found you.. 

Third.. Hmm.. A ball?!
I know.. It's HOGAN!!
Well, too bad you're easily recognizable :) 

 Finally.. After searching for hours..
Up on the hill, spotted something??
Yes, it's FREDERIC!! :)

All the forest friends are happy after playing.. Ralf is happy to meet his new friends too. :)

"So, do you like my story??
I'm a good storyteller, right? ;)
See you in the next story.. :D"

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Meat Tale

Everybody knows meat. There are varieties of meats available in the market. The three most popular are chicken, beef and pork. Not all people consume these meats. Some don't eat meats because of their belief, some don't eat meats for health reason and some don't eat meats just because they don't like them.

But, for meat lovers, these three kind of meats are very tasty. :D Okay, so what does NICI have to do with the meats? ;) Coincidentally, we have all three meats in one series..

 COW - probably the most popular meat in the world.
It is known as red meat, which is rumored to be one of cancer's cause
Do you believe it? Well, just don't eat the beef in a large amount. :)

 CHICKEN - it is known as the white meat because of its color.
The taste might not be as tasty as beef, but it is said to be healthier.

PIG - the most controversial meat ever exist, perhaps.
It can be categorized as white meat as well as red meat.
Its raw color is red but it turns white after cooked.
Contains quite lots of fat, so please refrain from consuming too much pork! ;)

Enough for the explanation.. Back to the NICI world. :D For some of you who are not familiar with this series, I'll tell you about them.

This series is called 'Crazy Friends' series, which is part of NICI's first Carrier Concept. Together with the Jolly Princess, Cool NICI School and Little Rockers series, the Crazy Friends make up NICI's first Carrier Concept. Perhaps this series is the least popular compared to the other series because of the characters are not as well known as Jolly Mah or Wild Friends. But personally, I think all three of them still look cute, especially the chicken. :p The pig and the cow resembles the 'Farm Friend' series.

This series also has special tag attached to them. A flower-shaped embroidered tag. :D

So, what do you think about them? 

Crazy Friends: "We hope you love us!! :)"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Legend of the NICI World Chapter 5

CHAPTER 5 - Poly and Turty

From last week:
"Ma agreed to meet Croco with Starry and Crabby. In Croco's house, he explained everything to Ma about the summoned and the reason why they are summoned. And so, Ma and Croco embarked on a journey to meet the other summoned. On the other side of the world, Mo and the explorers were trying to find a place for their injured friends. And just when they spotted a small house, they saw two snowcats."


Just when Mo and the remaining explorers are tightening their guards, they see something else in front of the snowcats.

 Snowcats: "Miaooww... Grrrr!!"
Snowdogs: "Wuff!!! Hrrr..."

Mo and the explorers can't move. They are too afraid to move forward because of the fight but they know they can't turn back as well. And suddenly, from the door of the little house, somebody is coming out..

Poly: "Aww.. We have visitors here!!"
Mo: "Hi!! Do you mind helping us? 
We got some injured friends here." 

Before Poly has a chance to answer, there is a loud bump from the other side of the house. When everybody turns to see what happened, they see the snowcats are biting and scratching the snowdogs ferociously.

Snowcats: "*scratch scratch* We can't let you disturb Poly here."
Snowdogs: "Ouch!! Let me go!"
Snowcats: "Then go away and don't mess with us again!"

Apparently, the snowcats' attack is intolerable anymore that the snowdogs are starting to retreat into the forest... 

Snowcats: "Go away!! And never come back!"
Snowdogs: "*running* Wait till next time.. Grr!"

After the snowdogs are gone into the forest, the snowcats suddenly disappear into Poly's ring.. 

Watching in awe, Mo and the explorers look at Poly. The kind Poly welcome all of them into his house. He gives the injured explorers some medication and let them rest. Then, Poly asks Mo to talk with him privately because he wants to discuss about some important matters.

Poly: "Hi, I forgot to introduce myself in the chaos back then.
My name is Poly. I am one of the summoned like you.
Mo: "So, you're saying that you and me are 'sucked' up into this weird world?
Owh, and btw my name is Mo."
Poly: "Yes, Mo. As you can see we're quite different from the other creatures.
We have bigger heads than them. Well, that's because we are the chosen ones."
Mo: "The chosen one?! What's that suppose to mean?
Are we some kind of superheroes or what?"
Poly: "Hmm.. Simply say, YES!! We are the superheroes destined to
save the world from the evil Black Star."
Mo: "Wow!! That's so cool!! I always want to be a superhero.
But how are we supposed to fight Black Star?"
Poly: "Each of us has special talent. As for me, I can summon
the snowcats that you saw before. They can help me when I'm in trouble.
Mo: "How about me? I can't do anything until now. I haven't got any weapons too. :("
Poly: I don't know what your talent is, but don't worry. I think you'll
 find out soon. Just believe in yourself. And one last thing, we have other companions too."
Mo: "Companions?! You mean another chosen ones like us?
Can we meet them??"
Poly: "Sure. That's what I'm going to ask just now. Let's go!!"

After a long conversation, Mo and Poly decide to leave the house and start meeting the other chosen ones. But Mo has to say goodbye to the explorers since some of them are still injured. The generous Poly offers his house to the explorers so they can rest for a few days before continuing the journey.

 Poly: "Friends, feel free to use my house like your own home.
Rest here until your injured friends are recovered."
Explorers: "Thanks, Poly. That's very kind of you."
Mo: "Thank you everybody. I think we have to say goodbye for now.
I hope we can meet again someday. Take care."
Explorers: "You too. You've been a great friend for us. See you and be careful."

And thus, Mo and Poly begin their long journey to meet another friend. And they get free rides from the snowcats too. ;)

While Mo and Poly just start their journey, Ma and Croco has arrived in a beautiful beach after crossing the ocean for several days.

 Ma: "Phew!! We finally find a shore. I'm really tired sitting all the time."
Croco: "Haha.. Me too. Hopefully, we're arriving at the right place.
If I'm not mistaken, one of the chosen ones live here."

Just when Croco finished his sentence, Ma spots a movement from the distant old house by the sea.

 Ma: "Hey, look!! I can see something there. It's moving."
Croco: "Haha.. So I'm not lost this time. That's our friend, Ma."
Ma: "You mean that's the chosen one too?"
Croco: "Yes, his name is Turty. And his special talent is MARTIAL ARTS."
Ma: "Oh!! *look in awe* Let's go meet him!!"

So, Ma and Croco walk towards the house to greet Turty. Not knowing about his guest, Turty continues his practice.

 Turty: "Ciaat!! Bang!!"

Suprised by the sudden visitor, Turty almost kick Ma and Croco. Luckily, Turty knows Croco already. After a short introduction, the three of them are sitting in Turty's living room. Suddenly..

Ma: "Hey!! My stick is glowing. What happens?"
Croco: "Hmm.. I don't know. Perhaps it will show us something."
Turty: "I think it's a warning. Perhaps some evil powers
are approaching this house."

So what's actually happening? Why does Ma's stick start to glow? And how will Mo and Croco's journey end up? Find out more on the next chapter of 'Legend of the NICI World' next week! :)
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