Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jolly Lucy's Counting Lesson

Hello, everybody!!
Today Jolly Lucy wants to learn how to count..
But do you know what will she count??
Let's find out..

There it is!!
One bubble..

Two bubbles..

Three bubbles...

Four bubbles...

Five bubbles...

Six bubbles..

Seven bubbles...

Eight bubbles...

Hmm.. There are only 8 bubbles..
Lucy wants to count till 10.. :(
Hopefully Lucy can find more bubbles soon..

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What Should You Do if You are Lonely??

Remember the halloween party from our previous post? Now that the party is over, Poly feels a bit lonely again. His friends have gone back to the North Pole.

So, what will Poly do to relieve his loneliness?? Let's find out..

Hmm.. A bag and a passport??
Are you going to go somewhere, Poly??

Ehmm.. It appears that Poly sneaks into
Daddy's bag.. Where are they going??

Wow.. Apparently Poly and his Daddy
go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia..

Hey.. What's that?? It looks familiar..

Yup, it's the one and only NICI shop
in Malaysia, located in 1 Utama Shopping Centre..

Look at that!! Poly, what do you get from the store??

First, two sweet little unicorns and their orange friend photoholder..

And the lonely Poly forces Daddy to get him
another friends from the Pole..

And two furry pencil cases special for Mommy
in the States..

And finally, the three Castle Friends complete the day.. ^^

After the shopping, Poly realizes he hasn't had his lunch. So, he looks for something to eat with Daddy. Where do they end up having lunch?

Turns out there is a new Sakae Sushi outlet
in 1Utama, but it doesn't taste quite good..

Then, the shopping trip continues.. Poly goes to Parkson, another place in 1Utama that sells NICI plushes..

It seems like Poly gets something from Parkson..

Yup, the two Ferrari horses are joining the troop..

Poly is very satisfied now..

And now, it's time to go back home.. Poly doesn't feel lonely anymore. He got a lot of new friends now..

On the bus..
Back home..

Finally, Poly and Daddy reach Singapore again..
It's already quite late and the MRT is not crowded anymore..

Finally.. Home sweet home..
Time to sleep..

Goodbye, everyone!! Poly will have a very sweet dream tonight.. With a lot of new friends and comfy bed.. z_Z Have a nice weekend!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Surprise from the Pole

It's Halloween, but somebody feels lonely..

Poly Poly is alone in the house. He wants to throw a party but he doesn't know who to invite. Poor little Poly..

When he is about to give up, he hears somebody knocking on the door..

Who could it be? Poly Poly doesn't expect any guests today.. Let's open the door!!

Much to his surprise, Poly Poly has a very special guest today. The Penguin family from the North Pole..

There are Daddy Pororo, Mummy Pururu and little baby Piplup coming to visit Poly. They want to celebrate Halloween together..

The Penguins even bring some costumes from the Pole. They give Poly Poly one too.. What a very nice day for Poly Poly!! Poly Poly becomes a snow dog..

Daddy Pororo becomes a handsome snow rabbit

Mummy Pururu becomes a cute polar bear

And little Piplup is the king of the house!! :D

They are so happy together.. And now, Poly Poly can start his halloween party.. Thanks to the surprise visit from his friend..

Happy Halloween 2011!!
Hope you enjoy the day.. ^^

Fake NICI Lion in Singapore Airshow?!

It might be a bit outdated to post about Singapore Airshow now, but there is one thing that catches our eyes in the show. The mascot for this year air show was none other than our beloved NICI Lion from Classic Wild Friends collection..

The organizer even had a quiz to name this mascot with iPad 2 as the prize. However, we noticed that this lion might not be the original NICI lion because of the slight distortion on its face and lower quality plush used. So, what do you think? Is this lion an original NICI plush or just another fake one?? :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

NICI Candy Love Hippo Spotted!!

A week ago, I was on my way to the school in the bus. Then, I spotted a NICI for the first time in Illinois (or maybe in the States). It was a Candy Love grey hippo keychain, hanging from a guy's backpack. What's so funny about this guy was that his backpack were full with keychains, hanging all over, from the big one (around 20cm) until the small one (just like the handphone keychain).

I managed to snap some pictures of the interesting backpack, including the NICI hippo, without the owner's consent. :D
The whole view of the backpack,
there were still some more keychains
on the other side, but I didn't have a chance
to take it. :(

Closer shoot.. Who's that hanging from the backpack??

It's Candy Love hippo.. \(^o^)/

I was very happy to spot the first NICI in here. Hopefully, I can find more NICIs next time. ^^

Monday, October 10, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore - A Tiny Piece of Entertainment

The buzz about Universal Studio in Singapore must have gone away a long time ago, but we have just had a chance to visit it.. Located in Sentosa Island, Universal Studio becomes one of the main tourist attractions in Singapore today.

Along with us, Chumba and Bubaka were very exciting about the visit to USS.

The trademark of every Universal Studio:
the rotating Universal ball ^^

Just a few steps away from the entrance, we met Woody Woodpecker's girlfriend and we took a family picture with her.. :D

The USS has a circular layout, you just need to walk around and you will get back to the starting point. So, we began our trip from the Madagascar area..

Bubaka was happy and hoped he could
get up in the tree :D

Another family picture with the Madagascar friends,
but these ones are only statues :(

Chumba and Bubaka
were almost crashed by the bad monkeys

We finished the Madagascar area pretty fast, just after one ride of 'Madagascar: A Crate Adventure', since no other rides were interesting for us. :D And the sun has risen up so much that it was time for lunch. So, we had lunch in 'Goldilocks', a restaurant in Far Far Away area, serving hamburgers and fried chickens..

Chumba and Bubaka were waiting
for the food patiently. They guarded the
seats for us..

And when the food came, they rushed to get everything.. =_=

Lunchtime was over and we continued the fun journey in Far Far Away land..

Chumba was trapped in the Rabbi's hand..

We watched Shrek 4D, The Donkey Live Show and rode 'Enchanted Airways', a small roller-coaster.. :D It was pretty fun.. Next stop was the Lost World, the area where the dinosaurs live. We were very exciting to try the 'Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure' and we've been in queue for almost an hour. However, to our disappointment, the ride experienced a technical error until the end of the day. :'( We didn't have a chance to try it, but we did get a free pass, which we used to ride 'Canopy Flyer'. It's not very interesting though..

Leaving with great disappointment from the Lost World, we entered the Ancient Egypt..

Bubaka was scared by the giant statue of the Anubis

We didn't take the roller-coaster since we didn't feel like having another ride that day.. So we just looked around and took pictures..

Bubaka and Chumba enjoyed their times in the Ancient Egypt

Chumba, the mightiest Egyptian elephant ^^

After the Ancient Egypt, next came the Sci-Fi City, where the twin coasters were located. Again, one of the coaster was not operating due to some technical errors. Only the 'Human' coaster was operating..

Bubaka took a proof shot
in front of the coaster.. :p

Without much to see in the Sci-Fi City, we walked forward to the New York Area. We entered to Loui's NY Pizza Parlor because the weather was too hot outside. :D We took a break with a plate of Caesar Salad and a giant slice of Pepperoni Pizza.. The food came in meal with large drink and NY Cheesecake.

Nom nom.. The food looks good..

Bubaka opted for the salad

Chumba chose the pizza with the cheesecake..

We finished the day off by watching 'Monster Rock' show, a musical where the casts were all monsters.. :D It was supposed to be a good musical, but we just didn't get the feel of it. Perhaps the act was not good enough or maybe we were too tired already.. Hahaha.. On the way out in 'Hollywood' street, we met Woody Woodpecker and took the last shot with him.. ^^

Overall, the trip wasn't really fun. The park was very small compared to other theme parks we've been to. The rides were very few and we didn't really enjoy them. Also, the shops were not really interesting. Perhaps, only the shops in Madagascar and Far Far Away area attracted us. :) And the biggest disappointment for us at that day was the sudden technical error in Jurassic Park ride. :'( But we do hope to visit USS again sometimes later to try this ride.. :)
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