Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The very natural NICI Natural ;)

For the nature lovers, NICI specially designed this new collection called NICI Natural. Made using 100% biodegradable cotton ensuring the safety and environmental friendly, NICI Natural comes to the market as our beloved NICI plushes. There are three designs available - Jolly Mah Sheep, Mutt Dog and Classic Bear.

This post will show my recent collection from NICI. For NICI lovers in Singapore, CNS Plaza Singapura is having special offer for this series. Instead of selling at the rate equivalent to 29.95 Euro, they are selling NICI Natural only for 26.90 SGD. :D LIMITED STOCKS only!!  So hurry and get one if you are interested. :)

Say 'Hello' to our new friends :D

Let's start from the Mutt Dog!!

 Face - checked!!
Though the nose slightly asymmetrical, but this is the best we can get :)

 Side view - fat enough - checked!!

 The paws - checked!!
Slightly asymmetrical?? Hmm.. Not really sure, they look the same to me. :S

The hand - checked!!
All covered with fur, but notice a slight dirt there :(

Continuing with the Classic Bear

 Face - checked!!
The bear can hardly go wrong :D

 Side view - checked!!
He looks cool and perfect :)

The paws - checked!!
Slightly asymmetrical again? Nope, this time it's my camera angle :p 

The tail - checked!!
But, notice the slight baldness near the tail :(

And finally, the all-time loved, Jolly Mah sheep

 Face - checked!!
Still as cute as ever :)

Side view - checked!!
Fat enough for a Jolly Mah?? :p 

The legs - checked!!
Perfectly sewn I think :) 

The tail - checked!!
Again, a little dirt there..

Well, for the meticulous people, you will have hard time choosing the perfect plushes. These three that I bought can be considered the most perfect among all available choices. Perhaps because of the fur material, it doesn't stick as good as the other series. Thus, the fur is plucked off during shipment (my assumption only) because you can see a baldy patch here and there. :p *NICI is getting old now* And the dirts, this one I'm not so sure why all of them has dirt all over the body. My guess is the cardbox material where they were put in during shipment somehow stick to their body and cause the dirt. :D but no worries, it can be easily cleaned. ;)

Okay, finally after this long post, I'll show you the tag for this specially designed NICI Natural.

The material is different from the usual tag 

The booklet attached to the plushes
It explains everything about the material and the safety of it :)

So, thinking of getting one of these adorable friends?? For Singapore NICI lovers, you can only find this collection in CNS Plaza Singapura. Hurry and get them while they last. ;)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Elsa, Gustav and Balloon Fiesta

As the continuation of Disney on Ice post previously, Elsa and Gustav were heading to Marina Square next. And in the main atrium, there was an unexpected event. I'm not sure what kind of event it was but the whole atrium was filled with balloon in variety of shapes and colors.

Unable to resist the cuteness, Elsa and Gustav sneakily taking pictures with the balloons. :D

Roar!! Big Tiger 

 Lovely Ladybirds

Giraffe with Monkeys 

"Hey, I have a new lobster friend here!!"

 "I'm too scared to climb to the top with the squirrel."

"Hi, Mr. Turtle! Can you hear me??" 

"I'm watching the whole exhibition here with Turtle Jr."

And here is our favorite snap of the day.. :D
Of course, it's a monkey!! :)

Do you like them? I really want to make the monkey balloons. There was a workshop held but it was mostly for children. Hehe.. :D Perhaps Elsa and Gustav can take the workshop next time. :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Elsa and Gustav in Disney on Ice

Have you ever heard of Disney on Ice? From my childhood days, I always love Disney characters. And Disney on Ice is a live show where the Disney characters perform on ice. My very first Disney on Ice was when I was 6 or 7 years old in Indonesia. After that, I'm not sure why Disney on Ice never performed in Indonesia again. :(

However, when I move to Singapore to study, I found out that Disney on Ice is showing in Singapore regularly and since then I've been a loyal spectator. :D So for the latest Disney on Ice, Elsa and Gustav join us to watch the show. :)

We are waiting for the MRT to come..
We're going to the Stadium :D

We manage to get the front seat near the rink because we are the early birds. :D

 Gustav and Elsa are exciting to watch the show

We can't wait to see Mickey.. :D

As a souvenir, we get a program booklet :) 

And a pretty flower pen as a bonus ;)

Finally, it's time for the show.. Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy presents....

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy


The Little Mermaid

The Lion King

and Disney Fairies as the closing.. :D

We really enjoy the show and hope to watch it again the next time it comes. :)
Stay tune for more Elsa and Gustav in the Balloon Fiesta. :D

Legend of the NICI World Chapter 4

CHAPTER 4 - The Other Summoned

From last week:
"Mo and the explorers managed to defeat Detlef and ran away, but they had no clue of where they were heading to. On the other hand, Ma was about to go wandering the beach when a giant tsunami suddenly occured. After the sea calmed down, there were two creatures appearing in front of Ma."


Upon seeing the two creatures, Ma gathers his courage and asks them..

Ma: "Hmmm... Excuse me, but who are you?"

Starry: "Hi, don't be afraid! We're your friends.
My name is Starry and this is Crabby. We're asked to bring you."
Ma: "Bring me?? To where??"

Crabby: "Well, our friend who has the same fate as you asks us
to fetch you. He wants you to visit him so he can explain
everything to you. Would you come with us?"
Ma: "Hmm.. You're not lying, are you?"

After thinking for a while, considering the good and the bad things that might happen to him, Ma finally agrees to follow them..

Ma: "Okay! I believe you. But how am I going to 
cross the sea? I can't swim. T_T"
Crabby: "Don't worry! Just ride on my back.
I'll carry you. :)"
Ma: "Rrr.. Are you sure?? Well, okay then!"
Starry: "C'mon!! We don't have much time."

So off they go to visit the 'unknown' friend. A few hours later, they finally see the shore...

Starry: "Yay!! We almost there.. See that island?"
Ma: "Yes.. but who's that waving at us?"
Crabby: "That's our friend, Croco, that we mentioned before."
Croco: "*waving* Hi everyone!! Finally you're here!
Come! Let's talk inside the hut!"

After a small introduction, the four of them gather inside the hut where Croco explains everything about himself and Ma. He tells Ma that they are the chosen ones, destined to save the NICI world from the evil Black Star. Moreover, each of the chosen ones has special talent which they can use to help others... 

Croco: "So, that's the story that I know.
Have you found your special talent?"
Ma: "I'm not sure, but I have this strange stick
with me. It can emit blue beam and destroy things."
Croco: "Hmm.. Then I guess it's your special talent.
You can use the stick to help us fight the evils."
Ma: "Wow!! That sounds great. I can be a superhero. :D"
Croco: "Well, in that case we should get moving.
There are another chosen ones in the other side of the sea.
Let's visit them and gather together!"
Ma: "Aww.. That's cool. Let's go! One more thing,
what is your special talent?"
Croco: "Owh, I forgot to tell you. I can call the sea creatures,
like Starry and Crabby to help me. :)"
Starry & Crabby: "*nod nod* Let's go!!"

Everyone: "Off we go!!! Yayyy!"

The journey continues for the four of them. Will they be able to meet the other chosen ones? Meanwhile, let's see what happens in the snowy mountain. Mo and the explorers are trying to find a restplace for the injured one..

 Mo: "We've been walking quite long, but I don't see anything."
Svenja: "Yes, I'm tired. Sven is so heavy. :("
Snow Rabbit: "Be patient! Let's walk a little bit more!"

Right when they almost give up, Svenja sees a glimpse of light in the distance..

Svenja: "I see the light. I think it's a house."
Bear: "Let's try asking for help there!"
Mo: "Good idea! Let's go there!"

When they are approaching the house, suddenly snowstorm appears. And two big snowcats appear..

Mo: "Oh no! What's that?"
Snow Rabbit: "I'm not sure. They look pretty big."
Svenja: "I hope they're not going to attack us."

Uh-oh!! Is this another attack for Mo and the explorers? Will they be able to find shelter in the house?? Find out more on the next chapter of 'Legend of the NICI World' next week! :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Not So Mini 'Mini Filou'

If you still remember, NICI launched their 2nd Carrier Concept a few weeks ago.. This time, three friends joined us - a puppy, a kitten and a hamster. With their big heads, which are bigger than the bodies, they join us for dinner today, in 'Soup Broth Asia' in Raffles City. It's a restaurant which has soups as its main dishes. There are a lot of kinds of soups here, this time we try Japan: Sumo Wrestler Soup and Korea: Samgyetang.

After ordering the food, we must wait for a while..

 Mini Puppy and Mini Kitten waiting for food

but Mini Hamster snatches the first soup, Samgyetang

so, both of them must enjoy the Sumo Wrestler Soup

We order the set meal - 1 soup, 1 rice, 1 drink and 2 side dishes.. This restaurant is recommended for the soup lovers. The price is not expensive plus the taste is nice. :D

Have a happy weekend. ;)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Shopping.. Shopping..

Girls love shopping.. Who doesn't?? :D So do our NICI girls.. Shopping trip is a must.. Check these two girls..

Ms. Monkey and Fu Bao meet for shopping trip

Destination of the day: THE CLOTHES STORE

Lots of clothes, all genders, from sleepwear, casualwear till partywear :D

Let's see!! Which one should I pick?

How about this sweet pink dress?

Or maybe this sexy bikini?

Or the traditional Chinese dress?

Ms. Monkey has a hard time deciding which clothes to buy..  Fu Bao can't wait any longer..

Here!! The pink dress suits you best! It's almost springtime also..

So, it's decided! The pink dress makes its way home.. Haha.. What's next for these two girls? Meeting friends and having dinner together..

*Chatter.. Chatter*

*Laugh.. Laugh..*

It's a nice day after all!! Going shopping and hanging out with friends are the best.. :D
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