Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jolly Lucy's Counting Lesson

Hello, everybody!!
Today Jolly Lucy wants to learn how to count..
But do you know what will she count??
Let's find out..

There it is!!
One bubble..

Two bubbles..

Three bubbles...

Four bubbles...

Five bubbles...

Six bubbles..

Seven bubbles...

Eight bubbles...

Hmm.. There are only 8 bubbles..
Lucy wants to count till 10.. :(
Hopefully Lucy can find more bubbles soon..

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What Should You Do if You are Lonely??

Remember the halloween party from our previous post? Now that the party is over, Poly feels a bit lonely again. His friends have gone back to the North Pole.

So, what will Poly do to relieve his loneliness?? Let's find out..

Hmm.. A bag and a passport??
Are you going to go somewhere, Poly??

Ehmm.. It appears that Poly sneaks into
Daddy's bag.. Where are they going??

Wow.. Apparently Poly and his Daddy
go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia..

Hey.. What's that?? It looks familiar..

Yup, it's the one and only NICI shop
in Malaysia, located in 1 Utama Shopping Centre..

Look at that!! Poly, what do you get from the store??

First, two sweet little unicorns and their orange friend photoholder..

And the lonely Poly forces Daddy to get him
another friends from the Pole..

And two furry pencil cases special for Mommy
in the States..

And finally, the three Castle Friends complete the day.. ^^

After the shopping, Poly realizes he hasn't had his lunch. So, he looks for something to eat with Daddy. Where do they end up having lunch?

Turns out there is a new Sakae Sushi outlet
in 1Utama, but it doesn't taste quite good..

Then, the shopping trip continues.. Poly goes to Parkson, another place in 1Utama that sells NICI plushes..

It seems like Poly gets something from Parkson..

Yup, the two Ferrari horses are joining the troop..

Poly is very satisfied now..

And now, it's time to go back home.. Poly doesn't feel lonely anymore. He got a lot of new friends now..

On the bus..
Back home..

Finally, Poly and Daddy reach Singapore again..
It's already quite late and the MRT is not crowded anymore..

Finally.. Home sweet home..
Time to sleep..

Goodbye, everyone!! Poly will have a very sweet dream tonight.. With a lot of new friends and comfy bed.. z_Z Have a nice weekend!!
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