Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Trip

Continuing the topic about summer, we are going on a summer trip for the next two weeks. To enjoy the summer feeling, we'll visit the Balkan countries, which are Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia.

Sounds unusual? Well, it surely does. And that's the reason we choose these destinations. :D All of these countries have extraordinary sceneries and historical buildings. Do wait for our surprise photos afterwards. :)

In the meantime, let me show you some of our lucky NICI plushes who will join us on this trip.

The 'Verano Caliente' birds will be the stars in Italy 

The sweet rabbit couple will get a shot in Slovenia 

This unusual couple of Hugo Wolf and Jolly Rosa
will show you around Croatia
*special for the owner of Hugo Wolf from NICI-Mania

The best buddies from Wild Friends
will mesmerize you from Bosnia 

Finally, these two playful friends
will end the trip from Serbia

So, do expect a lot of beautiful posts in July!! This will be the last post for this month. 

Off we go!!
Of course my two monkeys will always join the trip ;p
*Psst.. Somebody's is really camera-sensitive*

Have a nice summer everyone.. :D

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer is Here!!

Maybe it's a little late to welcome summer.. But nevermind, we have bunch of fun activities to do.. And of course, don't forget the fashion ;)

I guess summer this year has the theme 'BRIGHT' and 'FLORAL'. Let's see..

For a romantic dinner,
wear something floral with classic color,
like black or white.. 

For a fun shopping date,
do wear something bright with colorful patterns..

Planning to go to the beach?
The shocking pink beach dress is a perfect choice..
Pick a shirt in similar color for the guy ;)

 Finally, for the girls' day out,
wear something comfortable..
You'll be hopping from shop to shop ;D

So, what is your plan this summer?? And which apparel do you like the most? :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Visit from Old Friend

Remember Eva and Luka from Valentine 2010 series?? :) Today, they got a surprise visit from an old friend, a mouse from 'My Mouse' series.

 Visit from old friend

Luka and Eva happily greet him

Since the guest come from a remote village, Luka and Eva decide to take him to the shopping centre. They have dinner in an Indonesian restaurant called 'Ayam Penyet' and bring him to the supermarket to buy some groceries..

 Here we are, at the restaurant.. :D

Luka and Eva share a plate of Ayam Penyet (Smashed Chicken),
well the chicken does seem to be flattened :p 

 The visitor is really hungry, so he has a full portion
of Smashed Pomfret by himself :)

After dinner, comes the time for shopping..

 Luka and Eva kindly show their guest what's in the store

Oops!! Be careful not to fall down.. It's pretty high up here.. :D

And after all the amusements, come the time to say goodbye. The old friend must go back to his village. As a memory of today's visit, they take a photo together..

 Sweet photo together..

Luka and Eva will surely miss him..
Hope he will pay them a visit again next time..

It's always nice to meet old friends and share stories.. Hopefully everybody's still keep in touch with your old friends ;)

Have a nice weekend.. :D

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ay Ay Captain!!

Sailing through the seven seas, NICI Pirates finally make their way to my house.. ;D
Sadly the gecko is lost in the middle of the ocean, and now I'm waiting for it to find its way back home..

So, while waiting for the gecko let's check the bear and the lion..

Whenever, wherever..
Always Teh-O-Peng (Ice Tea with Sugar)
Bear Pirates loves this tea..

And if you notice even more..
This is Yakun Kaya Teh-O-Peng..
Same brand from Singapore..
Lion Pirates loves this the most.. 

Tadaa.. We are the pirates pair..
Don't we look fierce?? ;p

Well, surely you miss something from above.. Yup, the gecko.. In Jakarta, the gecko is only available as keyring and magnicis. Thus, I prefer to get the plush from somewhere else.. :D And here are another two little kids joining the pirates ship..

 Hammie Hamster

Toothy Beaver 

So, you don't have to be a pirate to join a pirate ship.. ^^

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Surfin' Craze in Pancious

While visiting Indonesia, visiting NICI counter is a must. So, a visit to NICI in Taman Anggrek Mall gives me a few new friends. I do expect more though but sadly not many new series available..

So, while having lunch in a Pancake Restaurant called Pancious, our new friends bravely take pose with the food..

First, comes the refreshing drink
Mint Iced Tea
Biber loves it.. :D

For Mr. Gully,
Homemade Ice Lemon Tea is refreshing enough

And here it comes, Biber just can't stand
his hunger any longer...
The Coco Baileys pancake
*Yup, you heard it right..
This pancake has Baileys in it*
Tastes good

Mr. Gully opts for a non-alcoholic pancake
This one is called Opera..
It has a caramel-coffee sauce topped with almonds
Good choice for caramel lovers

And finally, what you cannot miss in Pancious..
The french fries.. Both Biber and Mr. Gully love it..
Well, they love the sauce more than the chips actually :D

So, that's all I guess from the lunch treat today. But, are we missing something?? o_O

You got it right.. The summer collection
is not complete without this charming little star

See you in the next post.. :D

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where is My Love?!

Hi there! My name is Mr. Froggy die Fresse..
or you can just call me Mr. Froggy

I'm very happy today because I'm going
to meet my girlfriend.. Let's look for her! 

From top of the hill, surely I can find her.. Let's see..
Nope, that's not her.. It's just another couple..
*envy envy T_T*

How about the sky? Perhaps
she is playing with the angels..
Nope.. I can only see the angels 
and the devils playing happily.. 
Where is she?! *anxious*

I know.. She must be playing in the park
with her friend. Let's check there..
Oh no!! No sign of her.. Only another lovey-dovey.. ='( 

Hiks.. Hiks.. Maybe I will never meet her.. T_T
Just when I'm about to lose hope, a kind love dog
approaches me and asks me why I'm crying..

I tell the love dog that I'm looking for my girlfriend,
a very pretty missy froggy.. But I can't find her anywhere.. 

The love dog told me not to worry because he knows
where my 'angel' is.. He brings me to a lake..
And there I see.. My Angel!! My pretty girl!! \(^o^)/

 I've finally found you!!
I love you so much!! Muachhhh...

Have a nice day with your loved ones!!
And have loving days ahead.. ;)
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