Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some Snapshots of My Monkey Collection

This post is for cassssandra who ask about my monkey family photos.. Unfortunately, most of the photos are not in my laptop.. >.<

So.. Enjoy some photos of my monkeys.. =D
My first monkey (50cm lying) she suffers hair loss T_T

Cute Magnici

Golf Stick Cover =p

55cm dangling monkey (found in Denmark)

80cm dangling monkey (i have twins =D)

160cm dangling monkey (thx to CNS SG)

160cm monkey in action.. reading newspaper

Twins (50cm lying) new and old >.<
Hope you enjoy.. Next time I will upload my complete collections of the monkeys.. =D

20th Anniversary Edition

Said to be the collections that brought NICI to be famous, these four friends are once again remade to celebrate NICI 20th Anniversary on 2006. Presenting..
Sam the Eagle

Paula the Duck

The Turtle

Otto the Frog

I got Sam and Paula from Cards n' Such Singapore and the other two from Malaysia (just arrived). They look very very huggable.. =D

See their friendship..

Friends Forever (pose like the back of their tags)

Almost forgot.. I have little Sam (15cm one) that I saved from CNS shop in Jurong Point.. He was very dusty at that time and I washed him.. =D now he is as clean as his brother, the big Sam.. =p I didn't manage to get the other three in 15cm size. :(


Love them... Hopefully NICI later will make another collections to celebrate its 30th or 40th or 50th anniversary.. =D

Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Package

Yayy.. Another two of my packages arrived today. One from Malaysia and one from Germany..

I ordered the turtle and the frog from Malaysia and the cute black sheep from Germany. =D

NICI Classic Black Sheep

I found this sheep in eBay and decided to buy it. Very cute. It has a hanger on its head and a cute bell around its neck. =D

NICI Classic Tag

Cute illustrated tag

The tag of this black sheep is very cute. It looks like a child painting with crayon. =D

I'll talk about the turtle and the frog in the next post (too long to put here XP)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hetch Hogan Feature

Compares to his other forest friends, Hetch Hogan has something very interesting. Guess what?! He can be rolled.. =D

That's why Rob Raccoon is confused when he met Hetch Hogan for the first time. =p

I will show you how to 'roll' Hetch Hogan

Make sure you put his legs properly. Otherwise, he might have twisted ankle.. =p and be careful with his nose.. If you do it wrongly, his pointed nose can be damage.. Ouchh.. =_=

Rob Raccoon Meets New Friends

Today, I decided to introduce some new companions for my Rob Raccoon..

One day, Rob Raccoon takes a walk in NICI forest when he spotted something..

Rob Raccoon decides to take a closer look at it..
Tadaa... It is Hetch Hogan, his new forest friend

So, Hetch Hogan follows Rob Raccoon and guess who they meet next..
 They meet Calvin Skunk and Frederic Fox. They are so happy to be together
Happy Forest Friends

I just got Hetch Hogan, Frederic Fox and Calvin Skunk yesterday. They will become very good friends with Rob Raccoon which I got from Indonesia a few months ago. =D

Btw, each forest friend comes with illustrated tag. Not a story but more to available products of each character.
Forest Friends with their tags

And below are their tags

One more thing.. If you guys notice, the new NICI collection (starting from Classic Bear, Bison, Hetch Hogan and Dinos) will have the safety tag attached to it. I guess it means that the products have been tested so that the material (fur) is safe for everybody. =D

NICI safety tag

It's always good to see improvement.. ;) Go NICI.. Go Forest Friends.. They are very very adorable.. =D

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two Surprises.. :D

Yayy.. Today is my happy day.. Guess what?! I got two surprises today.. My package from Germany arrived.. \(^o^)/

Kyaa... My sweet surprises..

I received my order from NICI online shop in Germany.. Totally surprised when see it arrived this morning before I'm going to work.. Lalala...
See the box and the NICI tape around it
Guess what's inside?? Tadaaa...
My precious plushes

I ordered mostly 15cm plushes that are not available in Singapore, like Hetch Hogan, Bison Big Bow, the grasshopper, the NICI bears, Gwen the giraffe, skunk, frederic the fox.. Haha.. Ooh.. Also the dino eggs.. They are superr cute.. I also got some other things.. the old NICI series, got it discounted.. ;D

One more surprise for me is..
NICI puzzle
The puzzle I've ordered from Germany store called buchbote.. =) finally it arrives.. I'm so happy and can't wait to make it.. XD

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcoming new family members.. =D

Today, I bought two new NICI series..

They are super cute and beautiful.. I love Jolly Sweet and Princess Pink.. *btw, I created the names, not officially from NICI ^^* but the others are also very very adorable..  See them in actions below..

Three lovely princesses from Jolly-Mah Kingdom

The boys see a cute girl.. Woohoo..

They are good students from NICI school

Welcome to my NICI big family!! ;)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Detlef & Rosa the Moose

Part of my collections.. The moose family... DETLEF & ROSA. I just realized that there are 2 versions of Detlef & Rosa. I guess one is summer version and the other is winter version.

Introducing to you..

Rosa & Detlef 'Summer Edition'

I also have Detlef 'Winter Edition'.. He envies the other Detlef because he has no companion.. :(

So, Detlef 'Winter' is sad..

and daydreaming...

Poor Detlef 'Winter'.. I haven't found Rosa 'Winter' for him.. T_T

Interestingly, for both versions, the tags have stories..
'Summer Edition' Tag
'Winter Edition' Tag
Very cute illustrations.. =D love them.

Btw, I notice that the 'Summer Edition' has NICI Classic Tag but the 'Winter Edition' has the new NICI tag (not NICI*). Maybe they are made from different decade.. =p not sure about this. But, anyway both versions are adorable.. =)

Hope I can find Rosa 'Winter' soon.. *cross fingers* XD

Monday, August 23, 2010

Saving a Stranded Sheep..

On my weekend hunt with my boyfriend around NICI shop in Singapore, we spotted a 'stranded' brown sheep. He is lying in the shop and the shopkeeper told me he's the only one left here.. So, I checked the price tag and surprised to see that for such a big sheep, it's pretty cheap.. Usually a 50cm lying plush would cost me around SGD 59.90 and that sheep costs only SGD 19.90. That's how I got this lying brown sheep..

My Cute Brown Sheep

Since I never saw this sheep, I decided to google it.. Later on, I found out that this sheep is from NICI classic edition (based on the tag)
NICI Classic Tag
 However, until now still not sure what series is this but pretty sure that it is from the old collection.. =D
Anyone knows about this 'lost' sheep?? =p

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another NICI Hunting

Today before going to the church, we visited Cards n Such store in West Mall (this is NICI retailer in Singapore). And...

Some NICI plushes I found today

I found some 'rare' NICI collections.. and what makes it even better... the price is DISCOUNTED.. =D
I got a cat keychain from NICI funnies (never heard of this collection before), Detlef the Moose (both summer and winter edition), Max the elephant keychain and many more. I'll introduce them to you in my next posts. ;)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New NICI Collections in Singapore

Finally, the new collections arrived.. Big Bow the Bison, Hetch Hogan, the Dinos, Classic Bear, Jolly Princess and Cool School Edition.. Sadly, not all the collections are available..

The Hetch Hogan available in 25cm, 35cm and 80cm plushies plus some cushions.. 

Hetch Hogan

The Dinos available in 25cm and 35cm plushies..
The Dinos

For Big Bow the Bison, I just saw 25cm, 35cm and 55cm plushes with some cushions.. Not much really.. No grasshopper so far.. 
Big Bow the Bison

Classic Bear.. Hmm, I just saw the cushion and the musical bear.. =D
Classic Bear

For Jolly Princess and Cool School Edition, they have the keychains and a 15cm hanging toy.. *not necessarily a keychain*

Jolly Princess Edition

Cool NICI School Edition

I really love the Cool School Edition the 'girl' one.. With two ribbons and a pink backpack, so cute.. =D
Next time visiting NICI outlet again, will buy these series.. Haha..

I ordered the rest from NICI Germany online store.. Waiting for the package to arrive soon.. Yayy..

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