Monday, August 29, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise from Singapore

It's been almost 3 weeks since I left Singapore. And my lovely Franky brings me another surprise. On one Sunday morning, Franky goes to CNS Plaza Singapura for his regular NICI visit. But who knows that he will come out with something..

Franky is indeed a shopaholic..
Or a NICI-aholic to be precised :D

So, what does Franky get for mommy??
A red apple cushion to accompany
the green apple cushion in the States.
Wormy will surely love this new apple..

But Franky also loves the apple and
wants to eat it by himself..
Oh my, guess Wormy has to wait..

Franky also gets a brand new watch
for brother monkey..

It's a NICI watch with
brother monkey's face on it ^^

Not forgetting his sister monkey,
Franky buys this cute little wallet

Again with the picture of his sister monkey..

Finally, for his beloved Paula,
Franky has a surprise...
A BIG surprise, guess what??

As Franky starts to unwrap it,
you could already probably guess what it is..

Hehe.. It's a big promotional Candy Love poster..
Special for Paula, with all Franky's love ^^

So, Franky is very pleased with his shopping today..

Don't you think Franky miss someone in the list?? :p He will get scolded soon, I guess.. XD

And about the Candy Love poster... Since CNS Plaza Singapura is undergoing a renovation soon, the owner lets us have this wonderful poster.. :D We are very happy and grateful to him. ^^ Perhaps he can give us a Wild Friends poster next time. :p

Friday, August 26, 2011

Visiting the New NICI Shop in KL Part 2

After 45 minutes flight from Singapore to KL and around 30 minutes bus ride, Franky and daddy finally arrive in 1Utama Shopping Centre. Both of them are getting very excited. :)

First, Franky checked Parkson Dept. Store,
hope to find some interesting NICI friends inside

But Franky is disappointed,
all NICI friends in Parkson are of the old series,
Franky has them all.. So, he takes a glass of
Starbucks tea to relieve his stress :p

Okay, the main destination of the trip: NICI Shop at 1Utama,
we can see a lot of people gather in front of it.
Franky and daddy are getting ready to go in..


And these are what Franky got
from the new opened store.
Let's check them out!

Franky is very happy to meet his new friends

Sadly, Franky must go back to Singapore,
daddy is very busy so they don't stay in KL :(

While waiting for the bus to depart,
Franky tries to befriend the two felines..
Both cats are 25cm big, slightly shorter than Franky,
so he feels a bit safer.. :p

Franky also meets a new friend from the pole,
the 25cm chubby polar bear is very friendly..

Apart from the plushes,
Franky also get some miscellaneous items..
He got 4 wildfriends highlighters

Some wildfriends mugs

And more wildfriends mugs..
The yellow ones are for mommy and daddy :)
All are at discounted prices..
Franky is very delighted

The joy is not finished yet. As promised in the advertisement,
there are free gifts for 100 first customers..
Since we got these many free gifts, it seems that
Franky and daddy made it on time :D

Franky and his new friends plus new gifts ^^
He is totally overjoyed

Ehmm.. Don't forget the bus is about to depart!!
Let's pack the things again.. We don't want
anything left behind ;)

Get a cup of hot tea before the 5 hours drive
back to Singapore..

Finally, on board of the bus..
Back to Singapore..
What a tiring day..

And that's how the one day journey ends for Franky and his daddy.. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoy the trip ^^

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Visiting the New NICI Shop in KL Part 1

There have been a few vibes from nici-mania and about the opening of Malaysia NICI Shop in 1Utama shopping centre. :) So, our curious Franky (remember Paula from our previous post? He is her boyfriend) prepared his backpack to pay a visit there.

Franky with his backpack,
seems too big for him

We will travel out of the country,
so we need to bring the passport

And don't forget the ticket too!!

Of course, an iPhone is a must to kill the time

Money is also crucial, otherwise
no NICIs can be bought from KL ^^

Okay, everything's set now!!

Time to go.. Hip Hip Hurray!!
*Actually Franky just went inside daddy's
backpack.. :)*

Early morning flight..
Everything is still dark..
Franky is a bit scared..

But the airport looks bright..
Franky and daddy enjoy breakfast from McD

Waiting for the plane after check-in..
Still a long time to go..

First, check the Win Malaysia website,
Franky is so excited..

Second, check the flight status..
Hmm, the gate is not opened yet.. :(

The bored Franky makes an art piece

Don't know what else to do,
take out an iPod Touch..

Listening to music..

Till fall asleep because of the long waiting time..

Finally, the gate is opened.. Yayyy...

Franky is set to go..
The plane is already there..

Wait for our next part for the surprises from NICI Malaysia.. Franky is so excited to go there on the opening day since the shop promised free gifts and big discounts.. :D

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We're in the USA!!

Finally.. After a week of settling down in Urbana, Illinois, I am able to rest and begin posting again. :D As promised before, this post will let you know the lucky plushes that are coming to USA. :)

 The monkey couple!!
It's a must for me ;)

A mismatch couple,
Bison and Fu Bao..

The newest addition to the family
a Bubaka couple.. :D

Two comfy cushions to
enlighten the tiring day..

Finally, meet Paula,
the newest ambassador for NICI in the USA ;)

Well, Paula is not from NICI. She's from Paul Frank company, but you will know soon why she becomes our ambassador here. ^^
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