Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The 'Wild' Wild Friends

In NICI Forest, everybody is always busy.. Let's see what our wild friends do today!!

In one corner, we can spot T.G. and Big El..

A few metres away from them, Zebra and Mo are spotted..

Not far from them, Bison is looking for his friend, Mr. Hobs.. It turns out Hobs is having fun with Melinda..

So, Bison decides not to bother them.. Then, what does Bison do? Check it out..

Moving from the grassy land to the swamp.. Hmm, what's going on here??

Somebody is peeping..

Hopefully, the cats don't mind if mr. Kroko joins them..

Under the shade of a big tree, the ladies are chit-chatting..

Haha.. All our wild friends are surely busy today.. They have lots of activities (if you count playing dead as activity.. =p)

ps. Do you notice who is missing?? Make a guess.. ;D

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Something for the Weekend

Today, I'm thinking of doing something different for my blog. So, I decided to make a video using my plushes..

Credit for all the photos taken goes to my boyfriend. Thanks to him!! :)

Hope you enjoy the video and have a nice weekend!!! =D

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Strange Zebras

In the middle of NICI forest, three zebras are having a meeting.

Here are some things they were discussing..

White Zebra: Hee.. Hee..

White-Black Zebra: Hee?? Hee... Hee..

Hee.. Hee.. Heee!!!

Do you understand what they say?? I don't.. =_= Let's ask our zebra friends, NICI Wild Classic Zebra and Wild Friend Zebra I..

They are trying to listen to the meeting

Can they understand??

Zebra I: ?? ?? What are they talking about??
Classic Zebra: Hmm.. Dunno.. Weird.. 

Hmm?? If our zebra friends cannot understand what they are saying, then... Maybe the three 'zebras' are not zebras at all.. =p

ps. This post is for Marcus, who is a big fan of zebra.. Hope you enjoy. =)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Looking for Lost Monkey!!

Waaa... I surfed the internet today and I found some NICI monkey things.. which I don't have and I want it so bad.. T_T
Photoholder (courtesy to happybox.hu)
Mug (courtesy to happybox.hu)

If anybody find these two items, please please let me know.. If possible, I'll buy it. Because most of these items will be in Europe so there will be shipping problem.. Hiks hiks.. I want the mug. Looks really chubby..

Monday, September 20, 2010

Whose Eggs are These??

In a one fine day, three little Dinos, Diego, Trevor and Tyson, are having a walk in the NICI forest. Suddenly, they spotted something familiar. THEIR EGGS!!!

But, why are there 4 eggs? Whose egg is the last one? So, Trevor, Diego and Tyson collected their own eggs.

Suddenly, Dino 'Drago' comes and said, "That's my egg!!". He points to the last egg left there. So now, all eggs have owners.

The eggs started to hatch.. First, Trevor's egg..

2nd, Diego's egg..

3rd, Tyson's egg..

And, finally, Drago's egg..

Ups.. Do you notice that Drago's egg is not a dinosaur?? It's a bird..

Hahaha.. So I guess Drago has mistaken the egg.. =_= Poor Drago..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Once Upon A Time in NICI Bear Kingdom

In a faraway land called NICI land, there is a small kingdom occupied by bears. Today, the bears decide to hold a pageant. It is meant to look for a 'KitKat' Ambassador.

The Contestants (from right to left) : Brown Lovely Bear, Beige Lovely Bear,
Caramel Lovely Bear, Valentina, Gold NICI Bear, Choco NICI Bear 

And we present the judges..

The Judges: The Winter Bears and Phillipp

Now, the judge will brief the contestants on the pageant rules and regulations. Look.. Somebody is peeping..

Briefing Session
This is what the champion will get
KitKat Mint Ambassador
Now, we start the pageant. Each contestants is asked to strike a pose and the judges will mark it. The contestants with the most natural and cutest pose will get the title. HERE WE GO!!

1st Contestant: Brown Lovely Bear
2nd Contestant: Beige Lovely Bear
3rd Contestant: Caramel Lovely Bear
4th Contestant: Gold NICI Bear
5th Contestant: Choco NICI Bear
6th Contestant: Valentina

Who do you think should win the pageant?? Now... The judges are discussing.. Psst.. Psst..

And the result is.... 3... 2... 1...

The Crowning Glory: Caramel Lovely Bear is the new KitKat Mint Ambassador
Congratulations to Caramel Lovely Bear.. To all other contestants, never give up!! There will be another pageants for you XD

p.s. Do you agree with the judges' decision?? =D

Friday, September 17, 2010

I Got Verification from NICI Germany... It's ORIGINAL!!! Yayyy...

Today I received an email from NICI Germany regarding my product feedback on this monkey. I copy paste the email from NICI Germany below:

Dear Stephanie,

please find below an official check from our side:

webbing label old one without star, new one with star (border line different – can happened, different productions)
paper tag, there are differences, and the green one was used as monkey was ordered as basic article additional there were some improvements of pattern.

So all monkeys are original  Nici articles.  

Mit freundlichen Grüßen * Best Regards 

Dominik Werner
Customer Service - International Sales

Langheimer Str. 94
D - 96264 Altenkunstadt

Email: dominik.werner@nici.de

So now I am pretty relieved to know it is original. At least according to NICI itself.. =p

Viva Monkey!!! ;)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fake Monkey or Original Monkey?? Help me identify..

Today, I went to Orchard Road to meet old friend.. On my way back to the bus stop, I spotted a 'weird' NICI Classic Monkey in Takashimaya..

After thinking for a while, I decided to buy it since I never see this monkey and thought that she will be a nice partner for my 55cm dangling monkey at home.

But... When I compare my new monkey with my old 55cm dangling monkey, there are some strange differences which I believe they should be the same.

Here are some of the differences:
1. My old monkey is smaller than the new one while actually their sizes should be the same (I believe so)
2. My old monkey has NICI tag like all my other monkeys while the new one has NICI* tag (makes me thing she is weird)
3. My old monkey hair is darker than the new one (maybe the new one is blonde version)
4. My old monkey has NICI Classic Wild Friend picture tag while the new one only has a plain NICI* Wild Friends picture tag (weirder..)

Here are some photos of both monkeys..
New Monkey
New monkey
New Monkey Tag
New Monkey Tag
NICI* Tag (taped with the picture tag)
New Monkey
Old vs. New (notice the hair color)
old vs. new (see the size difference)
old vs. new (the new one has bigger palms and feet)

like mother and son =_=
old tag vs. new tag

Besides comparing the new monkey with my old monkey, I compared it also with my fake NICI monkey (which I bought from my school bazaar) and with Jill Husky tag. See the comparisons below:

I wonder whether my new monkey is original or not.. I am pretty sure that it is original although it is a bit different than my other monkeys. Hopefully somebody can help me verify this. >.<

Poor monkey.. I hope she is 100% original..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NICIs on holiday - Weekend Getaways in Bali

Last weekend, I went to Bali with my family.. Along with me, there're also my 2 cutie monkeys.. And my sister brought her Minily Turtle with her.. =D

I share some of the photos here.. Enjoy..

Inside the suitcase
Sitting by the beach
Say cheese
Relax on the bed in Ramada Bali
In St. Regis Bali.. Nice..

Playing puzzle in the gazebo

In the lobby

By the pool in the lobby

Turtle lamp
In the gazebo at night

Another turtle lamp by the pool

Hope you enjoy the photos.. =D
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