Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Hope it's not too late for NICI Friends to wish you 'Happy Halloween!'

Trick or Treat?!

Hope you all have a 'spook'tacular night!! :D

Friday, October 29, 2010

Monkey Family Reunion

Finally.. I can show you my complete monkey family. :D This photo was taken last week when I went back to Jakarta.
Whole Family (from 15cm - 160cm)

The Big Five (80cm - 160cm)

The photos are taken and edited by my boyfriend. :D

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today is Sheep Day!!!

Once upon a time in Jolly Mah Land...

The princesses are relaxing in the castle.. Chit-chatting about the next shopping trip they want to go.. :p

It is the first day of school for Little Jolly Pink.. Mommy Jolly Pink takes her to school, where her friends already gathered..

Mommy Jolly Pink introduces Little Jolly Pink to her friends.. Hopefully they can be good friends.. :D

After a while, the bubbly Little Jolly Pink starts telling a story to her classmates.. Seems everything goes well in the school.. :)

Not to forget, there is also a playground for the babies.. So, the parents can relax for a while.. :p

Jolly Bob and Jolly Lovely are having a sweet talk in the park.. 

Then, Mini Jolly comes.. He wonders if he can join the conversation because he is alone.

The kind Jolly Lovely welcomes Mini Jolly into their conversation. So, Mini Jolly is very happy.. :D

That's all for today.. All Jolly Mahs are happy and full of smiles today. Hope you all have a wonderful day :)

Btw, there will be new Jolly Mah released on January 2011, called Gustav and Elsa. This is the press statement from NICI..
courtesy to
So fast NICI will release another new Jolly Mahs, while I'm still waiting to get my Jolly Sven and Svenja. :(

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little Bubu

Last week, when I went back to Jakarta I looked through my old plush collections. And I found a bear named Little Bubu which has NICI tag on it. A bit strange though, I never saw that as NICI product. It was given a few years back by my aunt. Perhaps anybody recognize this bear?? I tried to google it and the result told me that Little Bubu is a Korean bear. Hmm.. Even weirder now.. Hahaha..

Actually the bear looks pretty cute. Haha.. It just that it bears NICI tag that make me wonder whether it is true or not. :D Because as you have known, China fake products are all inside the market nowadays. =_=

Okay, so here are the tags..
Front Tag

Back Tag

Paper Tag
Well, I suspect that this Little BuBu is fake. Hahaha... But anyway, still hoping that maybe this is a NICI special product or something. :p

Monday, October 25, 2010

New Storage System

Since the number of my NICIs increase, I need to upgrade my storage system. :D
But my space is limited, so this is what I ended up with.. :p


Other side of the tower

And there are 2 'wings' attached to the 'tower'.. :p
2 Wings.. Like a plane :p
Show you how they look like from the front.. :D
Wing 1: Jolly Bob & Lovely, Meerkat, Koala

Wing 2: Wild Friends, Seal and Hippo

Pretty efficient.. And I still have some empty spaces.. :p *Means I can add more.. lol*

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Keychains, Flask and a Box??

Tadaa.. Without saying too much, let me just show you my latest addition. I've been waiting so long for these to arrive in Singapore..

Long Hair Animals Series

Bobtail Dog

Sadly, CnS Singapore doesn't take in the remaining two: the Afghan and the Llama :( I show you how they look from the tag.
front tag

The leftmost is afghan and rightmost is llama
 And, these are the insects bought from Jakarta a few days ago.. CnS Singapore doesn't take in this series as well.. :(
Funny Insects Series



Again, I missed one insect. The spider is not available in Jakarta. :( Show you the tag also :)
front tag

the leftmost is the spider
I also get my first flask from NICI, it's from Jolly Winter collection. Super cute.. but it's kinda weird that CnS takes in so many Jolly Winter accessories but no plushes at all.. :S


I try to stitch the picture around the flask together. Sorry for the smoothless editing.. :p

Finally, the last item for today.. :D The jewelry box from Wild Friends edition. Sadly, it has no monkey on it. :( Nevertheless, still cute.
Front view

Top view
A little video to show you how the leopard inside the box dancing.. :D *wish it was my monkey :p*

The post today seems to be very long.. But hope you can still enjoy.. :D
Have a nice weekend!! :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

My New Bedding And Bags

Today I changed my bed sheet to be all yellow because of one reason.. :D To match it with my new bed cover and pillow case.. ;)

Surely my new bed looks very cosy right?!! ;)

Ooh.. One more thing, yesterday I mentioned the freebies I got when I bought NICI from Jakarta.. Here they are.. Very cute design and very useful.. :D
A tote bag and a mini pouch
The tag shows that these bags belong to Jolly Rosa collection. :D Never saw this in Singapore before, so I guess must be pretty lucky to find these in Jakarta and got them for free (after spending much). :)

From what I saw, NICI Indonesia took in old collections of NICI. They even have the Wild Friends Collection which already vanished from Singapore long time ago. And, they got a 1.6m monkey too. :D
So sad I cannot buy that.. Too big.. Otherwise, my giant monkey would already have a companion. Haha..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Line Up!!! March!!

As promised yesterday, I'll show you something interesting.. :D

Hope you enjoy.. ^^

Lining Up

Take a closer look.. It is very crowded..

Notice something odd?? Hehe.. Yup.. I don't have Kroko Minily.. :( It is out of stock in Jakarta. So, I use Kroko 15cm to substitute him.. :D

Lovely Minily.. They are all very cute with big heads and adorable smiles. Minily is NICI baby version of the adult plushes. So far, I know there are 10 of them.. :D

Below are some pictures of the Minily tags.. Nothing very special about it though. ;p

I also bought some 15cm plushes from Jakarta (gorilla, jolly rosa, jolly mah father&mother, angel&devil with shoes) and some insect keyrings. Not a bad deal.. I also got some free gifts because I purchased a lot. :D A monogram Jolly Rosa tote bag and pouch.. Very pretty. Will take pictures of these tomorrow.
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