Monday, February 28, 2011


On our sudden trip to KL last weekend, we finally visited NICI store in 1 Utama.. Surprisingly, they were having 20% off all items, some even 50% and 70% off. The REASON?? Ehm.. They were going to upgrade the store soon, so perhaps they tried to clear as much stocks as possible... :D

The RESULT?? Me spending worth money to get a lot of items.. ;)

The rare seafriends plush - 25cm

Jolly Jomo 20cm lying and Jolly Liselle Lilac 15cm

This is even rarer - Timothy Hamster 20cm, My Mouse 15cm and Grey Pug magnet

Love Cats Alarm Clock
Wild Friends glass

Actually.. Timothy Hamster was bought from Parkson 1 Utama because NICI store didn't have the size that I want. :D And the wild friends glass.. I already had one in my house, but afraid it might broke, my bf suggested to get another one. :D

Is this the end? Ehmm.. sort of for NICI Malaysia. But when we reached Singapore back, we just randomly walked in to CNS store in Raffles City, not suspecting to get anything new. Then...

Star Buy of the Day..

I found a SUPER RARE Jolly Mah.. :D This colorful Jolly Mah was actually in the market around 3-4 years ago but it was out of stock ever since then. :) Happy happy.. :D Last day in February with a lot of NICI friends.. :)

Btw, sorry for my messy editings.. Just trying out some stuffs in Photoshop :p

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Legend of the NICI World Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2 - The Beginning

From last week:
"Ma and Mo are two best friends that agree to play golf in the weekend. But during their short game, they found a strange object inside the hole. When they examined it, they were sucked into the strange object and were lying unconsciously in deserted land."


On the frozen mountain, Mo begins to gain his consciousness..

Mo: "Hmm.. Where am I?
Where is my clothes? =_="
Where is Ma?

In the midst of confusion, Mo decides to check his surroundings. Suddenly, he hears a sweet sound of music. What could it be?? o_o

It turns out some explorers are having a campfire there. Interested to know more about his situation now, Mo walks towards them..

Mo: "Excuse me, can I ask you something?
Where am I now?
Jolly Sven & Svenja: *dancing dancing*
Others: *clapping and cheering*
Mo: Hello!! Can I ask you something?
Everybody: *stunt* o_O who are you?? 
Please, take a seat and join us!

And so Mo gathers around the campfire with the explorers. Questions start to come out of his mouth..

Mo: "Where am I now? Who are you?
Why are you looking so small?
Do you see my friend, Ma?
Sven: "Calm down, my friend! Let's answer your question one by one."
Reindeer: "This is the highest mountain in NICI world,
called The Alts."
Bear: "We haven't seen anyone around here besides you."
Mo: "Ooo.. I see.. but how do I get here? -_-"
Svenja: "Maybe you are summoned here :p
And anyway, we are not small, you are the one that is too big.
Don't you realize you have bigger head than body?"
Mo: "What?! *started looking for mirror*
I'm not supposed to be like this.. Aaaaa *fainted*"

Oops.. Seems like Mo finally realizes that his body changed. After he regains his consciousness again, the explorers offer to search for Ma together. After all, they need to go back to the city again. So, the adventure of Mo and the explorers begin..

Everybody: "And off we go!! Yayy!!"

The group begins their march southwards down the mountain, when out of sudden...

Detlef: "Rawr!!! Don't you dare trespass my precious mountain!"
Mo: "*trembling* Oh no! What's that?"
The Explorers: "That's Detlef, the mountain guard!
This is no good! We have to defeat him if we want to continue."

Uh-oh.. Seems our group has faced their first challenge here.. What will happen to them? Will they be able to defeat Detlef? :)

Meanwhile, in a deserted beach, our friend Ma also regains his consciousness. Unlike Mo, he seems more rounded and brave.

Ma: "Hmm.. I guess I was summoned into another world.
Wow, an adventure! I'm so excited!"

Ma starts to wander around the beach when he notices something..

Ma: "What's that? Something is shinning beneath the sand."

Because of his curiosity, Ma decides to dig the shining object..

Ma: "Hmm.. It looks like a laser beam from Star Wars..
Maybe I should touch it and see what happens.."

Ma lifts the object and starts to examine it..

Ma: "Nothing happened. Perhaps I should try to wave it."

As soon as Ma tries to wave the object, something extraordinary happens. A bright blue beam is coming out from the end of the object. It makes a very loud sound and immediately destroys a tree in front of it.

Ma: "Wow!! This is so cool! I got a good item here!"

In his awe, Ma ties the object around his back and starts his own journey to find his friend, Mo..

Ma: "Let's get moving! I need to tell Mo about this.
Maybe he is trapped somewhere near here."

With his new item, Ma begins the search for Mo. Will Ma ever find Mo who is facing Detlef in the snow mountain? What is the fate of Mo and the explorers? Find out more on the next chapter of 'Legend of the NICI World' next week! :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Greetings from Australia

A few days ago, I got an email from a hippo lover in Australia, Jason. :) He likes 'Candy Love' collections and are looking for a pair of Hippos now. :D

I'm helping him in getting the 35cm white hippo, and initially I also wanted to help him getting the 80cm grey hippo. Sadly, when I went to Malaysia, the 80cm hippo was sold out already. :(

I felt apologetic towards Jason.. :( Hopefully, if any of you know where to get this big hippo, you can contact me so I can tell Jason. He's very keen on getting this hippo. :)

And below are some pictures of his collections..

All the hippos and the pug look chubby and fat.. *hug hug* :D Hope to hear good news from some other NICI friends. :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NICI Wildfriends series fans - FOUND!!

Last Tuesday, I received a surprise email from one Wildfriends fans. He has a complete series of dangling old wildfriends (Monkey, Tiger, Giraffe and Lion) plus some additional monkey stuffs, dangling croco and tiger. :D

He also sent some pictures of his collections and with his permission, I would like to show his collection. :)

He got the monkey and tiger in the last picture from a stationary shop in Bugis Junction. :) I'm very glad to know another Wildfriends fans.. :D *since most people love Jolly Mah series ;p*

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Legend of the NICI World Chapter 1

Today, I decided to start a new project, that is, a story about NICI World and its legend. Hopefully each chapter can be released every week and finally, hope you enjoy the story. :)

CHAPTER 1 - Oh No!! What Happened??

On a one fine day, Ma is calling Mo, asking him to play golf in the weekend..

Ma: "Hey, buddy! How are you?
Keen to play some golfs this weekend??"

Mo: "Hey! I'm fine, on business trip right now.
Weekend should be fine, see you around then!"

So, they meet in the weekend at the golf course..

Ma: "Let's start the game! Who wants to shoot first?"
Mo: "You can go first.. I need to rest for a while."

So, Ma tries his first attempt, followed by Mo...

And off they go, one shoot after another. But inside the hole, there is a strange object..

=_=" What is that? A strange looking object

Out of their curiosity, both Ma and Mo approach the hole..

They retract the object from the hole and examine it.. But a second later..

Ma & Mo: "Aaaaa!!"
Oops!! It seems that our friends have been sucked up into the strange object. What will happen to them?

In a deserted beach and a frozen mountain, our friends are lying unconsciously. And they transform into some odd-looking creatures. >.< Oh no, what's going on here?? Find out more on the next chapter of 'Legend of the NICI World' next week! :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Minily Croco Found a Way Back Home.. :)

Thanks to Hugo Wolf, my Minily collection is finally complete. Today I met him and got my Minily Croco, which he helped me buy from Msia. :) Moreover, Hugo also gave me an extra gift, NICI mobile screen cleaner.. Thanks a lot. :D

Croco with his gift
So, finally all the Minilys are back together again..

Have a nice day!! And a happy Minily days ahead.. ^^

Valentine Day 2011

A day full of love.. How do you all spend your Valentine's day?? I would like to share mine..

On Sunday, we cooked simple meals *really simple, in fact* so that we can just relax and enjoy the day. :D The cats in love decided to help us.. :)

She helped us cook some sausages.. :D Though the sausages look overcooked in the picture, in fact they are just nice.. Really delicious. :)

She then gave her boyfriend the whole plate of sausages with garlic breads.. :)

As a gratitude, her boyfriend gave her a very sweet kiss.. Mmmuuacchhh!! ;)

This is the bread of love made by the cats in love.. ;) We'll continue with our dinner on Valentine's day.. :D

The Love Mouse decided to join us for dinner in Tony Roma's. If you love ribs, then this place is a must. ;)

We started by the complimentary bread.. Tasted really nice, especially when you put on garlic butter on it. :)

Then came the Caesar salad.. Hmm.. The lettuces are very fresh..

Owh.. Our first appetizer.. The sampler.. Can you see the potato skins, the fire wings and the mozarella sticks?? Nyammm.. Let's eat!!

Owh.. Another appetizer.. Half onion loaf.. I really love this one.. MUST TRY!! :D

Finally, our main course.. The full slab original baby back ribs, this is the signature dish from the restaurant. :D

My Valentine presents
Not to forget, we wish you Happy Valentine's Day 2011!! Hope your days ahead are full of love.. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New NICI Products - Simply Amazing!!!

Guess what I've found today in NICI website.. A new catalogue.. Tadaa!!

NICI Catalogue cover
Besides Jolly Elsa & Gustav, Panda Fu Bao, Ralf Rabbit and the Easter collection, turns out NICI has prepared a lot of new collections. Perhaps some of you have seen in NICI Official Facebook page about  these new collections. Just in case you're curious of these collections, I put on some snapshots taken from the catalogue. :)

NICI Natural
The first is NICI Natural, a collection made from organic cotton and the production is made such that it is in harmony with the environment. :)

NICI Horse Club
Next is the NICI Horse Club. It seems NICI expands the range of collection. Personally, I would like to get the standing horses. They look very cute. :D More products can be seen in NICI catalogue.

Mini Fellows
The Mini Fellows resemble the Minily so much with their big blobby heads. :D One of the most expected collection for me this year. :D

NICI Summer
Ehm.. Another friends from the beach. A beaver, a stork and a cute starfish. Nice companions for the beach trip in summertime. :D

NICI Pirates
Ahoy!! Who's that? From the middle of the ocean, come the pirates. The lion, the bear and the gecko.. I'm really excited to see them real soon. :D

NICI Classic Bear, 3rd Generation
Adding on the NICI Classic Bear series, here comes the 3rd generation. Should I say a browner bear than the brown bear in the previous collection? :D

NICI Bubbles

Shaun the Sheep

Father & Mother series

NICI Beauties & Beanbags
And there are also a new keychain series called NICI bubbles, a fluffy round little furball. Like last year, there is also a series for Mother & Father, represented by Gustav and Elsa :D And if you know the series Shaun the Sheep, this time NICI will launch a collection on it. Though I don't really like the sheeps, but it still looks somewhat cute :S Finally, the upcoming NICI beauties and bean bags. The NICI beauties are coming from the previous collection but the bean bags look new. And cute. :)

One more thing, Valentine's coming. Hoho.. Do expect a post full of love coming. ;)
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