Friday, August 27, 2010

Rob Raccoon Meets New Friends

Today, I decided to introduce some new companions for my Rob Raccoon..

One day, Rob Raccoon takes a walk in NICI forest when he spotted something..

Rob Raccoon decides to take a closer look at it..
Tadaa... It is Hetch Hogan, his new forest friend

So, Hetch Hogan follows Rob Raccoon and guess who they meet next..
 They meet Calvin Skunk and Frederic Fox. They are so happy to be together
Happy Forest Friends

I just got Hetch Hogan, Frederic Fox and Calvin Skunk yesterday. They will become very good friends with Rob Raccoon which I got from Indonesia a few months ago. =D

Btw, each forest friend comes with illustrated tag. Not a story but more to available products of each character.
Forest Friends with their tags

And below are their tags

One more thing.. If you guys notice, the new NICI collection (starting from Classic Bear, Bison, Hetch Hogan and Dinos) will have the safety tag attached to it. I guess it means that the products have been tested so that the material (fur) is safe for everybody. =D

NICI safety tag

It's always good to see improvement.. ;) Go NICI.. Go Forest Friends.. They are very very adorable.. =D


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