Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Surprise from the Pole

It's Halloween, but somebody feels lonely..

Poly Poly is alone in the house. He wants to throw a party but he doesn't know who to invite. Poor little Poly..

When he is about to give up, he hears somebody knocking on the door..

Who could it be? Poly Poly doesn't expect any guests today.. Let's open the door!!

Much to his surprise, Poly Poly has a very special guest today. The Penguin family from the North Pole..

There are Daddy Pororo, Mummy Pururu and little baby Piplup coming to visit Poly. They want to celebrate Halloween together..

The Penguins even bring some costumes from the Pole. They give Poly Poly one too.. What a very nice day for Poly Poly!! Poly Poly becomes a snow dog..

Daddy Pororo becomes a handsome snow rabbit

Mummy Pururu becomes a cute polar bear

And little Piplup is the king of the house!! :D

They are so happy together.. And now, Poly Poly can start his halloween party.. Thanks to the surprise visit from his friend..

Happy Halloween 2011!!
Hope you enjoy the day.. ^^


  1. Make sure to make a lot of ice cubes in your freezer for the penguins to munch on! hehe

  2. Awwww, I'm sure that Poly won't feel lonely anymore :)
    Love the story

  3. So cute!!! Happy Halloween!!! ^_^

  4. @Jerry and Ben: We have stocked up the ice cubes for the penguins and also our Poly.. ^^

    @Raquel: Hehe.. Yup, he is very happy now..

  5. Wow what a nice surprise! I wish those cute penguins come knocking on our door too! :D

    Did you get them in US? The grey penguin is very nice, the fur is like milo gorilla. We will get it soon!

  6. Hehe.. No, we got the penguins from Brian.. ^^ These pictures are from Singapore.. Haha.. You should get the penguins. They are too adorable to resist. :D


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